What is Auto Attendant?

An auto attendant handles and directs all incoming calls with a professionally recorded greeting and menu of options. The feature, standard at all larger organizations, provides efficiencies to both the company and caller by allowing the caller to self-direct the call where they wish, such as a sales department, support channel or a specific individual.

Smaller companies are also deploying auto attendants to manage incoming calls and give callers the perception that the company is professional, efficient and perhaps larger than they are in reality.

Auto attendants are very flexible and can include multiple levels of options. An auto attendant can direct calls to almost any destination, including call queues, company directories, individual or group voicemail boxes, and even outside numbers such as cell phones.

Auto attendants are very easy to setup and are included with every TalkTel plan. For advice on best practices when implementing an auto attendant, we recommend speaking with a TalkTel representative.