Plans and Pricing

TalkTel is the phone system even your accountant can love. Go ahead: compare TalkTel to what you’re paying now. Most customers can expect to see savings of 40-60 per cent. Because phones, installation and customization are included, you’ll see the benefits of those savings from day one. And you can forget committing for years on end. Unlike other providers, TalkTel will never lock you in to a long-term contract.

Free phones and no upfront costs

TalkTel’s cloud-hosted phone solution greatly reduces the cost and complexity of traditional phone systems. Because TalkTel is hosted and managed in the cloud, you can deploy a TalkTel system without making any initial investment in hardware or setup. That’s right: no servers, no exchanges, no gateways, and no installation fees. We’ll even include all new phones, absolutely free.

Say goodbye to your long distance bill

With TalkTel, you’ll get free, unlimited local and long-distance calling throughout Canada and the United States and incredibly low rates to other countries around the world. There are no time restrictions, no limits, and no compromise in quality. With TalkTel, you can finally free yourself from that costly North American long-distance bill.

Scale up and save more

TalkTel can grow and change with your business. And the more you grow, the less it costs for each new phone: up to 50 per cent less than our already incredible starting price. With flexible cloud architecture that eliminates any on-site infrastructure, TalkTel is infinitely scalable from one employee to thousands.

Great plans made for your business

TalkTel’s phone plans are every bit as unique as your business. TalkTel is built for the digital, connected age and can be customized to fit almost any business perfectly: small businesses, large businesses, multi-branch offices, temporary work sites, call centers, hotels, telecommuters, and more. With TalkTel, we’ll put together a plan so that you pay for exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Ask us for a custom quote today.

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