Special Communicator Go App for WeBC

iOS Version


This special version of Communicator Go for iOS will collect and log information regarding calls made or received with the App.
When an issue is experienced with the App, press the "Send Logs" button on the dialpad.
  • For this App to work you need to have native iOS Mail application configured.
  • The App will be a seperate install from Communicator Go and called GloCom

How to Install

  • Your device must be connected to WiFi network. Click the button below to start the installation.
  • Click “Install” button
  • Go to your device’s Home screen and wait for app to be installed.
  • It will be written Loading.
  • After app is installed, if you try to open it you will get the message: Untrusted Enterprise Developer. Click the "Cancel" button
  • Now, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Bicom Systems Ltd
  • Click on Trust “Bicom Systems Ltd” and again click “Trust” when prompted.
  • Now, go and use gloCOM GO Enterprise app.

Android Version


A special Android version will be made available soon.