Services and Features

We don't have a big marketing budget. So we try harder. And to get ahead, you need the right combination of service, price, and features. We've come up with a whole lot of unique things at Talktel to help us stand out—like our amazing customer service.

Have any questions about Talktel, our services or particular feature or VoIP in general, please reach out.

Core features

The following is a list of standard features you get with most phone systems. We want to just let you know we have them too. Honestly they are so common I wouldn't even read the list - just skip to the features that make us stand out.

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • 3-way conference calling
  • Call hold
  • Do not disturb
  • Call forward
  • Toll free numbers
  • Auto attendant
  • Ring groups
  • Call recording
  • Management portal
  • Music on hold
  • Calling in Canada & USA

Features that make Talktel stand out

Here is a growing list of our advanced features that really make our services shine. We may not be showing everything as the list is quite long and constantly growing. If there is a specific feature you would like more detail or info on, please reach out.

Voicemail to email
When you receive a voicemail, we can email it to you as an audio attachment.

Sounds neat but think of the advantages:
  • No longer checking your phones voicemail
  • Receive your voicemails even when out of the office
  • File the voicemail with your clients records
  • Forward the voicemail to another email address
Voicemail transcription
When you get your voicemail in your email Inbox, not only is the audio attachment there, but a text version of the email is also available.

This would allow you to find out the message without having to listen to it. Great for when you are in a meeting, movie or your kids Christmas concert (obviously only when your kid is not on stage).
Caller ID management
Caller ID management allows users to create and control the caller ID number that will be displayed to the called someone.

Very useful if you need to appear as though you are calling from a different location or business.
Call filters & blocking
Based on a set of predefined rules, you can redirect calls to a specific extension, phone number or directly to voicemail. You can also provide a busy signal to block abusive and annoying callers.
Call screening
Enables a user to forward calls to other extensions depending on the
user’s extension status.
Smart call forwarding
Forward calls to other destinations depending on the rules created for a particular extensions status. For example, you can forward calls to your cell phone in case you do not answer the call in 15 seconds making sure your clients can always get a hold of you.

Local calls can have separate call forwarding rules such as forwarding to a different number.

You can also whitelist specific phone numbers to prevent the call from forwarding.
Follow me
Follow Me service rings destinations in a sequence set up by the user. If a call is not answered by the initial destination, the next destination in sequence will be dialed. For example, this allows you to set up your desk phone to ring first, for 10 seconds and if the call is not answered it will move forward and ring your cell phone for 10 seconds. In case you are unable to answer it, you can also set the call to return to your extensions voicemail, ensuring that you will receive the message from the caller once you are available.
Project planning
Rolling out a new phone system can have a major interruption to your business.

With proper planning and coordinating we can ensure as minimal intrusion as possible for a clean, simple and success deployment.
Operation times
Operation times is a feature that enables you to forward calls to a destination based on the date and time. For example, during office hours calls can be forwarded to a cell phone and stops forwarding during closed hours.
Custom ringtones
This allows the phone to use a different ringtone based on the type of incoming call. For example, Queue calls that ring multiple phones can have a separate ringtone compared to a direct incoming call that is meant for you specifically.
Company directory
Callers can call into an interactive directory which allows them to search for users based on the first 3 letters of their first or last name.
Speakerphone page
Speakerphone Page allows you to broadcast a voice message to a predefined list of extensions at the same time through the desk phone intercom.
Central phone book
The Central Phone Book is synchronized across all phones. This allows a seamless Directory that every user can access at the push of a button.
Group hunt
The Group Hunt service rings destinations simultaneously. For example, calls can ring at your extension as well as your cell phone, with voicemails being left on your extension.
All support is included when you sign up with Talktel. Everything from voicemail PIN resets to setting up advanced features. Plain and simple, we are here to make things easier and help you leverage the features as best as possible.
API integration
Working with 3rd party or automated systems is becoming a requirement for almost all platforms and phone systems are not an exception.

Have questions about our systems API capabilities and compatabilities? Please reach out to our team and we will gladly provide requested information or coordinate a call with one of our support members.

Online Self Care

Each person can have their own login to view their phones details and tweak various settings through our online web portal.

View and listen to your voicemail or access shared voicemail boxes.

Listen to or download recorded calls from within the call history.

Set call forward rules such as unconditional, no answer, and line unavailable (phone offline).

Filter your call history to view call history within a specified date range.

Similar to a call forward. Allows incoming calls to ring your cell phone and desk phone simultaneously.

Various features can be locked or unlocked depending on the needs of the user and control of data and and flow of calls.

Talktel infrastructure

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancies and scalability in mind. It is constantly being improved, updated and upgraded.

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancies for fail-overs to ensure constant uptime

The data centre is provided with backup generators to ensure uninterruptible power

Multiple routes with carriers allowing for high quality connections

System and data backup for security and disaster planing