Softphone and mobile app

A powerful desktop and mobile application specifically designed to take your business communications to a whole new level. Its main purpose is to simplify and enhance your day-to-day communications experience.

Softphone solution

Our softphone allows you to make calls from your PC without the need to use the desk phone. It also packs everything you need for a successful collaboration with your staff including Messaging, Conferencing, CRM integration, Faxing, File Sharing functionalities, and all of that within a single and comprehensive desktop application interface.

Mobile solution

While on a phone call with the our mobile app, you can still benefit from all of the advanced features/call control of the desktop app. For example, if you are using the mobile app, you are able to use the call transfer, add another user to the conference or park a call. All calls from the mobile app show your office number rather than you private cell phone number.

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Softphone and mobile app features

The following is a list of some of the core features provided with our softphone and mobile app solution

  • Softphone
  • Unified chat with history/sync
  • Visual voicemail
  • Central phone book
  • Sync contacts (Outlook, Google, etc)
  • Video calling
  • Caller ID override
  • Desk phone integration
  • Conferencing facilities
  • File sharing
  • Online Self Care
  • CRM integration

For a complete list of features, please click on of the links