New system features

As you have been upgraded to Talktel's new system, we wanted to provide a place where you can see some of the changes and new features that are now available to you. Most features are included at no extra charge.

If you have any questions about any of the new features, please reach out to us and we will be glad to discuss in more detail and even help ensure you can take advantage of the new changes.

Core features

Core features impacting the overall operation and capabilities of your system

Read your voicemails! Voicemail to email can now include a transcribed message of the voicemail

Send and receive calls from your computer or smartphone using your business phone number

View extension details and easily configure services through our online web portal

Similar to a call forward. Allows incoming calls to ring your cell phone and desk phone simultaneously

A dedicated voicemail extension that can send voicemails via email to multiple email accounts

Park and unpark calls with a press of a button. Calls can be unparked on a separate extension

Online self care

Online self care is our web portal that allows individual users to access advanced features and manage various settings

Set call forward rules such as unconditional, no answer, and line unavailable (phone offline)

Filter your call history to view calls within a specified date range.

View and listen to your voicemail from anywhere

Listen to recorded calls from within the call history